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Hardware Thread, Backup Compression Ratios in Technical; Hi, We run a Sony SDX-1100X which has a native capacity of 400GB and a Compressed Ratio of 1040GB. We ...
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    Question Backup Compression Ratios


    We run a Sony SDX-1100X which has a native capacity of 400GB and a Compressed Ratio of 1040GB. We currently have a backup that is approximatly 522GB.

    You would think that it would fit on the tape fine, using either Hardware of Software Compression .

    You would be wrong, due to the compression ratio, we can only currently fit on 474GB, im guessing this is due to the Ratio at which the files are being compressed?

    If anybody has any info on how I can change the ration please post here ASAP.


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    The ratio depends on the filetypes being backed up - 1000GB from 400GB is certainly an unrealistic expectation in most normal scenarios. Expect a 1.3-1.5 ratio at best...

    The only files you'll get a huge compression on are text based, some Office documents, HTML etc. AVI, JPG, MPG, ISO and so on will not compression much (if at all) beyond their existing size. You can confirm this by trying to zip/rar one - even on max you'll only shave a few meg off tops. If most of your users files are large and don't compress, your ratio isn't going to come down - sorry...
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