I`m an ICT Techy working in a special needs nottinghamshire school, A teacher bought in her sons laptop saying Windows wouldn't load. It was a Packard Bell (It pains me to say that name too!!!) MIT-DRAG-D looked quite a sweeeet machine tried to restore windows off a genuine restore disk and would, it would either come up with a load of read errors and just lock at first I thought it was the CD and it was scratched, cleaned the CD, same results, so then decided to run scan disk on it, got to 4% and it had found 79 bad sectors then it just seemed to lock the pc up, so i`m looking at a new hard disk for it. Iv got no issues installing it however I am not totally certain I can just buy any old hard disk and shove it in. My previous experience with packard bell is with their PC's the apply a "tatoo" to the BIOS chip which ties that PC to genuine original packard bell restore disk, if you try and use a copy, or any other windows disk it crashes at 3/4 of the way through installing. I don't want to buy a new hard disk for this teacher then find out Packard Bell have stuck something on the original disk to prevent you from putting in any new hard disk.

anyone had any experience of these any problems???