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Hardware Thread, SAN storage in Technical; Wonder if people can recommend some good SAN storage hardware for a HP blade setup. The HP StorageWorks 1200r seems ...
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    SAN storage

    Wonder if people can recommend some good SAN storage hardware for a HP blade setup.

    The HP StorageWorks 1200r seems a good all-in-one solution, but I'm always inclined to seperate the hardware, so would a scalable SAN switch and some smaller arrays be a better idea?

    Anyone got any recommendations on SAN equipment?

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    We will shortly be implementing a Hitachi sms100, 6.5Tb formatted space at a cost of 6k attached to this will be 8 Dell 2950s Dual quad core CPUs with mirrored 73Gb drives and 8Gb Ram.
    Playing with Virtualisation at the moment to see what we can and can't do (having fun in other words).

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    I have a HP StorageWorks 2000 SAN, its the Fibre Connected model which is great, nice and speedy and works very well with my HP Blade Centre.

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    Hi all, first post on the forum so a BIG hello to everyone!

    Last summer we introduced a Dell/EMC AX150i 6TB disk array to our SAN, very impressed with the unit so far. Setup and installation was easy-peasy, iSCSI configuration was a piece or cake too. And for the price I feel EMC do some really good hardware.

    We have just ordered an EMC Ax4-5 9TB disk array to act as a mirror for DR (hosted in another server room).

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