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Hardware Thread, AA batteries charged by USB (removable caps) in Technical; Saw these: USB CELL rechargeable batteries - I Want One Of Those and wondered if anyone had bought any? Stick ...
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    AA batteries charged by USB (removable caps)

    Saw these: USB CELL rechargeable batteries - I Want One Of Those and wondered if anyone had bought any? Stick them into a normal battery charger or plug into a usb port.

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    I had two of these, quite good although the top metal bit of the USB connector did eventually fall off. It is probably cheaper to buy normal rechargeable batteries and a charger as well and I found the USB took longer to charge.

    Cheaper to buy direct from the manufacturer

    AA Batteries - 2 cell pack - usbcell.com
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    I've seen these, and had only one thought...


    What's the point? They seem to be another of those gadgets that connect to USB simply because you can. A waste of time if you ask me!

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    I recently bought 12 NiMH 2500Mah AAs from Maplin for about a tenner, and an "intelligent rapid charger" from 7dayshop for about £5. Belting. Also has the benefit that I can plug it into my battery bank at home and charge off the solar setup.

    That reminds me, I must buy a car battery from the breakers up the road..oops.

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    I've got a couple that I use for various things, I just stick them into the servers overnight to charge. I must admit, that they are very slow and wear down quicker than normal batteries, but for a simple digital camera or a wireless mouse/keyboard I think they are alright as a quick fix if you have no other batteries on hand.

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