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Hardware Thread, Onboard graphics in Technical; Yesterday one of our computers (about a year old) crashed after a child went on a flash game type website, ...
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    Onboard graphics

    Yesterday one of our computers (about a year old) crashed after a child went on a flash game type website, the monitor was like a tv that had gone wrong, hundreds of lines and colours. Manually turned it off and left it for an hour turned it on blank screen, all fans hard drive working etc.

    This morning tried it again - just the same, so put a graphics card in to check it's a graphics problem, monitor bursts into life so I remove graphics card, because it's mine from home and close up computer for out of order notice whilst I get graphics card ordered. Thought I'd give it one last go with onboard graphics and it worked! Now confused!

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    Had a similar feeling the other day, had a monitor (lcd) that stopped working so swapped it out and put it in a cupboard. A week later I gave it one last try with a different power supply and hey presto like yours it worked! So I get another power supply ordered, it arrives, I fit it, monitor now dead as it was in the first place when I swapped it out! Suppose I now at least have a spear power supply for a similar monitor!

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    It is strange I agree. I had a computer that wouldn't POST the other week, then it magically came back to life.

    I suppose if the problem happens again then I would order a graphics card.

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