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Hardware Thread, DAT72 tape loaded... but not loaded in Technical; Hi guys, We had a situation the other day where the DAT72 tape in our Dell PowerEdge 1800 server kept ...
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    DAT72 tape loaded... but not loaded

    Hi guys,

    We had a situation the other day where the DAT72 tape in our Dell PowerEdge 1800 server kept hold of a tape and wouldn't let it go. I had to perform a forced eject (holding the eject button until the tape came out). Me thinking all was fine after that, I put in the tape for the next day backup.

    Came in this morning to find no backup done and the previous day's tape marked as loaded. I ejected the tape that was in the drive and STILL the previous day's tape was marked as loaded.

    So now there's no tape's in the drive and yet I'm told there is.

    Anyone know how I can force this tape to unload?


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    You can perform an emergency reset by holding down the load/unload button (without a tape in the drive)for about 7 seconds and then release the button. This should reboot the drive and begin the power-on self-test sequence.

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