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Hardware Thread, Low power alerts in Technical; We have a lovely shiny new server with a nice big UPS that has software to show all sorts of ...
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    Low power alerts

    We have a lovely shiny new server with a nice big UPS that has software to show all sorts of interesting things...

    During the day we are getting frequent low mains voltage messages.

    The power starts dropping from about 8am when stuff gets turned on and the hovers just above the alert level occasionally dipping below...hence the warnings.

    The warning line is at 208V and ours drops to about 200-205...is this something I need to worry about/get something done about?

    I am guessing this has been happening in the past but we did not know about it.

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    Yes, you need to get your wiring looked at.

    It could be that you are at the end of a long feed on the grid, it could be that the supply to your server room has been done in cables that are too small, or you could have loose terminals somewhere.

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