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Hardware Thread, Recover data from part of a RAID5 array? in Technical; Hello, I'm selling old hardware on Ebay. I have 2 drives from a 4-drive RAID-5 array, and would like to ...
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    Recover data from part of a RAID5 array?


    I'm selling old hardware on Ebay. I have 2 drives from a 4-drive RAID-5 array, and would like to sell them.

    Is it possible for someone to access data on them? Of course, if there was only one drive missing from the array, it could be done easily. But with two missing - is it still possible?

    I don't have a suitable working drive controller to erase them, and need to be sure the data on them is useless.

    If there's any possibility of the data being read, I'll just break them physically and chuck them.


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    You can restore some of the data with an incomplete set. There are no guarantees about how much or little.

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    you will be able to restore anything that's below the stripe size.

    So if the stripe was set as 512kb then any file under that will be able to be read in full and you would be able to recover part of text files that are over this, but in both cases just the data, not the name.

    This is done with a RAW Scan, and tbh most people wouldn't have a clue how to do it unless they had the right software and alot of time on their hands.

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