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Hardware Thread, Replacement for HP2600 in Technical; Getting back to the OP These were cheap and (relatively) cheerful if you used them in a peer-peer primary school ...
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    Getting back to the OP

    These were cheap and (relatively) cheerful if you used them in a peer-peer primary school network or modified the install routine on a server

    Nothing to maintain - throw them away if they went faulty and buy a new one for the same cost as a set of cartridges.

    I started buying them for my schools in pref to HP Business Inkjets based on recommendations on this forum.

    I'd bought a few other types in past years and they've all been difficult to maintain (try get a primary school sec to order a fuser after February and see how long it can take for the main school printer to be out of service

    So, I'm looking for the HP2600 succesor - in order of priority


    Easy to maintain (i.e nothing to do except change the toner and paper)

    Cheap to buy( so if goes belly up - no major capital outlay required and easy to get Head to authorise purchase)

    Not the most expensive to run

    I've gone back to buying K5400 Business Inkjets in the meantime but once a school has had a colour laser its going to be tricky to get them to accept an inkjet (they all like the glossy look )



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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleSi View Post
    So, I'm looking for the HP2600 succesor
    Buy a 4600 off eBay. You can get the network/duplex version for under £300, with guarantee and everything. The second hand one we got from eBay has been great - the head's PA, who winds up doing all the printing for leaflets and so on, now uses it in her office. She gets through several reams of paper or card a day sometimes, and it seems to be trundling along just fine. They might not be the very cheapest colour laser to run, mind, but I figure they're around average. The only other consideration is that they are quite heavy - you'll probably get it delivered on a pallet and need someone to give you hand installing it.

    David Hicks

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPLTD View Post
    the next best alternative I could recomend is the CP3505N which is a lot more heavy weight but will out last a 2600N anytime,
    How does this compare to the 3600, I know it's cheaper and then carts are more.

    I know they're probably a bit expensive, but the 3600 is a brilliant bit of kit.

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