Hello All,

Last week I had an out of warranty poweredge 2850 server die on me. It refused to boot into windows which I thought was a problem with the boot sector. However I tried the chkdsk - fixboot but I could not get to the recovery console as it always hung. No errors were reported at all, no lights no messages on the little screen nothing. I think I have managed to prove to myself that it is not the disks but in fact the onboard Perc 4 raid controller. I would like to prove this a bit more by connecting the scsi backplane to a spare adaptec ultra160 scsi card I have but the cable in the server is to short to reach the back of the case. I realise that the disks and raid controller are u320 and the spare card is u160 but they both use 68pin connectors which I understand are compatible but would run slower but would prove to me the disks are ok.

Basically can anyone recommend somewhere to get a round 68pin to 68pin internal scsi cable at least 50cm long as I am finding it really hard to find one.