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Hardware Thread, Promethean Whiteboard Killed Usb Ports in Technical; Hi We had a problem with a laptop a few months ago and the usb ports would no longer pick ...
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    Promethean Whiteboard Killed Usb Ports


    We had a problem with a laptop a few months ago and the usb ports would no longer pick up anything whatso ever, usb sticks, whiteboard, etc.

    Set the new member of staff up with new laptop and everything was running smoothly, today they connected the laptop up to the board via usb and it caused the laptop to power off, on turning back on again the usb ports do not recognise.

    Has anyone has this issue before, it must be a problem within the board itself causing a power surge.


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    I don't know if you're still searching for an answer, but can you tell me what revision Activboard you have? It is the older REV1 on a single leg, or a REV2 on two silver legs?

    We've found that occasionally, with a REV2 unit, the cables are put onto the Wall Box PCB in reverse. This causes problems, namely it's been known to burn out the electronics on the board itself. Of course, this only refers to the newer units. (2008 models)
    If it's simply a REV1 unit with the USB cable running directly from the board to the computer, then the first logical place to look is the board electronics. It's covered under warranty - but expensive if not.

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