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Hardware Thread, Wireless AP/Router in Technical; Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice on a Wireless Access Point/Router for use in school as a "temporary" ...
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    Question Wireless AP/Router

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice on a Wireless Access Point/Router for use in school as a "temporary" solution (we may be getting a decent ceiling mounted solution at some point but we have 15 new laptops that currently can't be used (the old AP is just not cutting it)).

    It's for use in one room (possibly the room next door also, but if the AP has to be moved into the next room that's not a biggie). As mentioned it will need to handle 15 laptops at one time (all logging on at the same time) - this is the bit I'm really looking for your advice on; real world experience using 15/16 laptops on the one AP.

    Which makes/models should I be looking at?


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    I've been using netgear WG102's for 16 laptops and so far they seem to be absoulutely fine. Maybe look at the WG302 as it has more management features and sligtly better range.

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