Has anybody tried the Samsung 940UX or LG L206WU USB Monitors?
I'm looking for a way to connect a 2nd or 3rd monitor to my HP 6710b Notebook with a docking station.

My notebook sits on the docking station under the desk so I don't use the actual notebook monitor.
The VGA port on the docking station then goes to a 24" HP Monitor.
I'm now looking for a way to connect a monitor on either side of the 24".

I've tried using a Sunix USB -> VGA adapter and then connecting that to a LG 19" monitor. It works, but the picture is not smooth, dragging windows around or maximizing or minimizing something and you see lag.

I'm going to test the Sunix converter on another PC when I get a chance to see if it's just a problem with my laptop, that being the case, does anybody have any suggestions on how to solve the problem?

If that isn't the problem and the converter is just slow, has anybody tried the LG/Samsung USB offerings?

The LG is widescreen, which is nice, but the Samsung is a 19" which fits height wise next to the 24"...

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated