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Hardware Thread, LTO4 Tape and Speed Advice? in Technical; Were currently running a weekly 850gb backup through a quantum superloader autochanger to 7x SDLT tapes on Veritas Backup Exec ...
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    LTO4 Tape and Speed Advice?

    Were currently running a weekly 850gb backup through a quantum superloader autochanger to 7x SDLT tapes on Veritas Backup Exec 10. It takes around 50 hours on a weekend. As you can guess were looking at replacing it.

    I'm investigating an LTO4 autochanger device to get all this backup onto 1 tape for now. I'm sure the amount of data is going to grow.... Has anyone gone from similar to similar? Should we notice a reduction in the backup window with this new device? Or do I have to look at something with 2 drives in it to chop this down?

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    Since your storage requirements are growing so quickly, you might find it an idea to buy something modular. Have a look at Sun Storage - See all StorageTek products (the SL24 and SL48) - I spotted these recently in a flyer that I got sent.

    Basically, you add extra bits as your requirement grows, so you start off with a single drive and 2 cassettes and then you can move to 4 cassettes and 2 drives over time.

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    SL24 that looks like my HP 2024 LTO 4 that take 40 hours to do 2.2TB on 3 tapes. I am seeing about 800mb/min but they may be some other issues as the duplicate runs at 1300mb/min. After backup we send the out tapes to an off site storage facility.
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