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Hardware Thread, Disabling printer scan in Technical; Hi I have a couple of Konica Minolta 2590mf printers (for the ICT staff) so they can scan documents in ...
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    Disabling printer scan


    I have a couple of Konica Minolta 2590mf printers (for the ICT staff) so they can scan documents in to the network. I also have pcounter on so I can monitor teacher printouts. Unfortunately they have found that if they just use the copy button, this does not get picked up by pcounter. What teachers should do is if they have any copy requirements they should go to the reprographics department. I have told them it comes out of my budegt but they ignore me. Is there a way of disabling the copy feature on these printers.

    Many thanks

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    I think the only thing you could probably do is somehow get into the printer and physically disable the button for photocopying.

    Failing that you put a webcam in place along with a notice that any use of the photocopy function will be recorded and billed at triple normal cost to the departments concerned. If teachers are aware that they're still doing it and are bypassing the system it becomes an issue of theft (from your budget) and they should be disciplined. If your SMT don't agree, you need to get them to sort your budget to cover it instead or take it on themselves.

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