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Hardware Thread, Quantum Tape Drives - Any Good? in Technical; Hi, We currently have an LTO3 tape drive from HP (Ultrium 960 - 400GB Native), which we use for 2 ...
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    Quantum Tape Drives - Any Good?

    We currently have an LTO3 tape drive from HP (Ultrium 960 - 400GB Native), which we use for 2 of our curriculum servers, and has been fantastic. However, we are getting new servers soon, and the current tape drive won't be big enough, so we had originally thought of getting two identical ones, (one for each NEW server).

    Just got a MISCO catalogue through, and Quantum have a section on tape drives, and they have a 800GB LTO4 drive. Has anyone got any experiences of these drives, as they seem good value.


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    I have a Quantum LTO2 which works fine (touch wood) but it does pale into insignificance when compared to the Tanberg LTO2 autoloader.

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    We had a quantum LTO3 Tape changer at my last school, and it was exceedingly reliable! Not sure on their single drives thou, as I've never had one. I can give good marks to their support as well, as we had a problem setting our tape changer up, and they were very helpful over the phone I seem to recall.


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