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    Dell Vostro 1510

    Is anyone using one of these? I know that are now being pushed on the site and the price is indeed very funky, even more so when I know I have extra bits to make the spec very nice without paying the extra Dell want (£50 for a 2GB SODIMM!!).
    Can anyone let me know how they perform and if all the bits (RAM, HD etc) are easily accessible?

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    Had one of these for a few months. Dell supplied with an incorrect keyboard, think Dell have fixed with these issues with the latest models.

    Good battery life, machine is nice and nippy, no problems getting to anything.

    I am recommending them to other people, as they are a good price for the spec.

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    Purchased a few of these a few weeks ago. As you say the price is very funky. Paid £400.00 for C2DT5xxx/2GB/160GB/DVDRW/WXGA/Y4NBD.

    First impressions are of a good looking well built laptop. Things I like so far are no screws for the VGA port, so no chance of end users unscrewing these when disconecting from an IWB and making the port loose so it breaks.

    No lid latch so again one less thing to break. And the media buttons are a nice touch as is the slot loading DVD although a bit noisey when loading discs.

    Even comes with a little polishing cloth for the glossy finish lid.

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