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Hardware Thread, Tips: RISO - HC-5500 in Technical; Saving this nugget because it's not documented and RISO documentation is basically null and useless.. To Setup a Riso HC-5500 ...
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    Tips: RISO - HC-5500

    Saving this nugget because it's not documented and RISO documentation is basically null and useless..

    To Setup a Riso HC-5500 so that it holds all printjobs in the queue and then prints once a staff member has visited the printer to confirm the job here's how you do it.

    1. Install printer driver as you would (assuming you haven't already)
    2. Right click on the installed printer and choose "Properties"
    3. Choose the "Environment" tab
    4. Locate the "Finisher/Basic Unit" field and set to "Installed (AutoStacker)"
    5. Now choose "Advanced" tab & Printing defaults
    6. Under "General" tab ,for "Paper Tray" choose the "Standard Feed Tray"
    7. Under "Options" click the "Security Print" button
    8. Tick the "Use Security Print function" but leave the field blank
    9. Click "OK"
    10. Click "Apply" and "OK"
    11. Repeat the last few steps for the "Printing Preferences"

    That's about it... then when you go to the printer you get the Job Manager with the print job queued... you then choose "Process" and go through without setting a security code and it should then print.

    I'll amend this once I've had a chance to double check and tweak it all but that's about the size of it...

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    RISO print queues

    I know this was an old post but the same technology still seems to be there. We have a RISO 5500 which is mainly a photocopier but does do some network printing. We have the queues setup as above mainly to stop the kids printing hundreds of copies. I have not really looked at the machine as it generally just works just adding drivers to pcs.

    Yesterday the machine came up with a jam in area 21, there is no area 21. I happened to be passing so had a look at it couldn't clear the jam so switched it off and back on to the horror of the staff waiting for output. What they knew but I didn't is that it loses everything from its print queues on reboot. Can you believe that? Can anybody give me guidance in this area ( other than don't switch it off again) the RISO documantation I can find is rubbish.

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    Anyone know how to bypass job manager on the HC5500?
    We have school reports to print soon (as we all do, no doubt!) and we have to go thru job manager to 'output' every single page
    Would be good if we could hit print and they start coming out the other end already

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