Hi all,

I got some Mac minis that are to be used as the classroom pcs.

I have deployed OS X and XP to the machines and found a couple had an issue displaying the image when starting up and thereafter. Now the problem i have found is this...

When i start up the mini without a display connected and hold down alt to get the boot selection, if i connect a display to the machine, os x then detects the display and boots fine with the display being all good to go through the splitters we currently have. However XP does not do this. If i connect a monitor directly to the machine and start it up then screen can be seen and when i switch from the monitor to the splitter connection the screen is fine but restart with the splitter connected and the display disappears again. I have narrowed it down to being the video splitter.

Now how do i know which video splitters to buy that will work with the setup we have. I have found that 2 out of the three we have work, but are no longer available.