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Hardware Thread, Testdisk query in Technical; One of our teachers brought in an unusable portable 120GB HD (2.5"). It was not backed up and there is ...
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    Testdisk query

    One of our teachers brought in an unusable portable 120GB HD (2.5"). It was not backed up and there is about 2 years worth of work stored on it. I have analysed the drive with several utilities and until I tried Testdisk was getting nothing usful from it.

    Testdisk did a deep scan and found that the FAT had been deleted/corrupted somehow, but a backup had been found in a restore folder.

    All the scans I've done so far are non-invasive as I don't want to risk overwriting anything; can anyone tell me if by restoring the FAT are we likely to lose any data - if so how much - I'm guessing not a lot.

    I have tried cloning (using Clonezilla) it to an equal sized partition on another drive so I can do a dry-run, but without the FAT, nothing (apart from Testdisk) has been able to read it to clone it.

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    You could try downloading the helix forensics boot cd and using it's utilities to clone it, I presume a DD copy of the disk should succeed as that woudn't care about the fat.


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