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Hardware Thread, eee PC's and Ghost in Technical; Hi Has anyone got any eee 4G Pc's and managed to use Symantec ghost to image them? We've got some, ...
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    eee PC's and Ghost


    Has anyone got any eee 4G Pc's and managed to use Symantec ghost to image them? We've got some, and I've installed Windows on one and would like to image the rest. I've been trying to make a network boot USB stick for them. I've got the NDIS2 driver but I can't get them to boot into ghost with network support. It doesn't even attempt to do it, it just boots to command prompt.

    Any ideas?


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    Yep works fine here via network. It's a while since I did it but I think it was just a standard Intel pro 100 driver.

    Although I haven't tried it on the eee pc, I have started using the Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk which then boots ghost once the network driver has been auto detected. Save messing around trying to find an NDIS2 driver for every network card.

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