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Hardware Thread, HP laserjet 6p in Technical; I've installed a network printer (laserjet 6p - we don't have new things in my school just other peoples old ...
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    HP laserjet 6p

    I've installed a network printer (laserjet 6p - we don't have new things in my school just other peoples old stuff!) on 16 identical w98 machines, on 11 of them if any user wants to print a word document an error relating to the unidrv.dll with the w98 ignore or close box appears. Doc will still print but machine has to be rebooted to work again. I've reinstalled word on one machine, updated the driver from HP site on another, run sfc.exe and replaced unidrv.dll but the only thing that rectifies the error is to install the printer as local then change the port to the network one. Anyone any ideas as to why this happens.

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    Re: HP laserjet 6p

    Because Windows 98 is crap?

    I have frequent problems with Windows Me machines deciding they no longer like the printer driver.

    Have you checked the proper HP drivers are installed on all the machines and all other drivers have been removed? IIRC, unidrv.dll is something to do with a Microsoft generic printer driver.


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    Re: HP laserjet 6p

    Try this:

    On the printer sharing server, right click on the printer. Go to advanced. If there is a box called "Use advanced printing features" or something similar, uncheck it. A lot of our 2000 machines seem to get the hump when this box is checked, crashing Word and other office apps. Unchecking it makes the problems disappear with no apparent loss in functionality.

    I know you said you're running 98 but its worth a go

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