We've acquired this machine as it has a fault & it's been 'donated' (aren't people kind?!).

Does anyone know where instructions can be had for disassembling? We've had a look on the HP site but it appears that because this model was sold for 'domestic' use they do not have the service manuals available online.

It looks like the main board has developed a fault - on connecting it to mains power the power LEDs flash orange madly and then go out, only to repeat this behavior a few seconds later. With the battery disconnected and the machine connected to the mains nothing happens until the power switch on the laptop is pressed, but all that happens is the crazy flashing power LEDs as before.

I have tested the power supply and it passed. I have reseated all the memory and the HDD but to no avail.

It's a shame as the machine is only 14 months old.

Has anyone else seen this behavior with this make of laptop? Thanks.