Does anyone have a recent model Epson scanner? We're looking at the V500 model, which can scan photos and 35mm slides. I'm sure the hardware itself is fine, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows how the included scanning utility works.

I know the HP software works exactly how we want it to - we can set the software so that when one of the buttons on the front of the scanner is pressed a particular operation is run automatically. By default these are "scan to location x", "scan and send an email" and "scan to a PDF file", but we would want to change each operation to a "scan to location x at resolution {low/medium/high}" instead.

We have our current scanner attached to a dedicated PC, which works great - no messing around, a pupil can just walk up, hit one of the "scan" buttons and have their picture appear in a shared, networked file area. They don't have to mess around with any software, or even see anything on a computer screen, they just have to hit one "scan" button.

David Hicks