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Hardware Thread, HELP - RAID Array Failed in Technical; Had a power cut over the weekend, one of our servers will not boot. Looking in the console it believes ...
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    HELP - RAID Array Failed

    Had a power cut over the weekend, one of our servers will not boot.
    Looking in the console it believes 3 drives out of 5 have failed which seems so unlikely to me?!
    The array appears in 'error' state in the console and when I try to repair, I just get
    'Array in error state cannot be repaired automatically. Please contact your sysadmin or Intel customer support'

    The controller is ancient, got a date of 2000-2002 and looking on Intel's site, support has ended for it.

    The controller is an Intel SRCU42L.....if anyone has any experiance with the storage console for the thing Id really appreciate some help, because the only manual repair bits I can find dont seem to do anything

    Array is RAID-5 btw.

    Typical the server is a vital one, has all the shared area (which is backed up) and all Apps (which arnt...) so its an absolute nightmare if I cant get the data back off these drives

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    Failed Raid

    Sounds pretty bad, I had a similar issue not too long ago. After hours of speaking with dell it was found that the date and time were incorrect in the bios, but this does not seem to be the case. Even though you can not boot, if you can get into the raid bios give us all of the errors or warnings that are shown we might be able to figure something out.

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    I not sure if you can do anything. with a RAID 5 array you can only afford for 1 drive to fail.

    Sorry, buts it probably the news you dont want to hear.

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    We had something similar this week. What had happened is the raid card had a fit and showed 2 physical disks as failing when I looked into it deeper they appeared to be foreign. When I deleted the virtual disks and then re-imported the physical disks and then re-created the virtual disk everything was back and running as normal. This was on a Dell Poweredge 2900.
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    I take it it wasn't UPS protected?

    Think you're stuffed mate sadly.

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