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Hardware Thread, PC won't startup properly fans spin but no bleeps in Technical; I have one on the bench at the moment and it does exactly the same and I know the hard ...
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    I have one on the bench at the moment and it does exactly the same and I know the hard drives gone. When some machines boot up they check the drives and if they get no response they carry on. But if they get a partial response they get stuck.

    Disconnect the hard drive and see if it will go into the bios.

    Just an idea.


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    Any news on this did you solev any of the problems?

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    They're dead!

    Being as they were donated PC's and there's some still to come i'm going to put them on the "needs fixing in the future" pile, i think it's the mobo i unplugged *everything* bar the power supply and took out the cmos battery and went from there plugging things in one by one and tried with a known working power supply.

    In short, they're dead, however during stripping one down i noticed they had no thermal paste on the CPU atall haven't tried it with a known working CPU, might be worth a look

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