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Hardware Thread, Samsung flash drive password utility in Technical; Can anyone help, i've just recieved 20 samsung flash drives (udisk 2.0)which I was told by the supplier had a ...
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    Samsung flash drive password utility

    Can anyone help, i've just recieved 20 samsung flash drives (udisk 2.0)which I was told by the supplier had a password utility on them, well they don't. I've rang the supplier who said that the last lot they had did but it must not be on these ones and I can return them. But before I do I was wondering if anybody has this utility they could let me have a copy of (or where to find it). It's a small application installed on the drive. Samsung do not have any support for these on there website and as far as I can tell they are made by a third party.
    cheers, Rusty.

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    I think you are looking for the USB DISK Pro Security App. This site FAQ USB KEY have a download link on their support page to a version of the UDP app for their flash drives, so might work with yours.

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