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Hardware Thread, ASUS 900 Review on TheReg in Technical; Here is nice (and well balanced IMO) review of the ASUS eeePC 900. regards Simon...
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    ASUS 900 Review on TheReg

    Here is nice (and well balanced IMO) review of the ASUS eeePC 900.



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    But price is very similar to nice budget lappie

    I can see the point of the Elonex One, but not the Asus 900. 700 had everything bar the screen, as they get bigger, they ARE budget lappies.

    Would prefer size of EEe, weight of paperback and battery life of days... it would make sense but suspect they will sell, but a far better model will come out very soon, atomised, and therefore will eat socks off 900 and spit remains into bin marked, 'not trying hard enough'.

    Given the models are arriving from the same manufacturer scant months between each one, suspect first few are market testers, not real deal.

    Please will someone squeeze an EE into a Psion 5 case. lets do it right by going backwards!

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