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Hardware Thread, Projector Maintenance - How do YOU do it? in Technical; Ultimately if you have no support from your Line Manager there is not a lot you can do. Yes, you ...
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    Ultimately if you have no support from your Line Manager there is not a lot you can do. Yes, you can go above their head, but it may end up in not a very nice atmosphere to work in.

    However, just because people aren't being professional doesn't mean you shouldn't be either. Get everything in writing. Get your contract out and check through it all to see what you are employed to do. Find out all the procedures that need to be followed in order to be able to carry out your daily tasks. If there are no procedures in place, suggest some, but get it all down in writing.

    Unless your Line Manager is the H&S officer then he has not got the authority to tell you what you had suggested is stupid. Seek out your H&S rep and get the official informaiton on the things you need.

    Remeber get everything you do down in writing, that way if you ever get pulled up for not doing something you can provide all the evidence you need

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    we've got an air compressor for blowing things out, its good for projectors and computer fans. we've got these old small form desktop cases in a room that doesnt have air conditioning that used to bluescreen quite a lot in the summer months. Until a new guy brought his air compressor in and fixed them all the same guy calls dust~ powdered kids
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