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    Elonex ONE

    Must... not.....Press.... Buy..Arggg

    Elonex ONE - Home of the £99 Laptop

    The vision of the ONE

    Introducing the Elonex ‘ONE, the UK’s first sub £100 laptop. Aimed primarily at the Education Sector, the ONE is an ultra-portable laptop that gives wireless access to internet, eMail, word processing, spreadsheets, and MP3s.

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    I've pre-ordered one, and once I've done a review will do a little competition on the site to give it away. I too am quite curios as to what 1 £100 laptop can actually do.

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    Just ordered 2 of the + model - gotta compare it against the Eee... ;-)

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    Hmmmm looks interesting, I could order one I guess, but I think the Eee would be better, I want something like that thought for phone system programming and my systems all program in a windows environment.

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    Played with one!

    Had a go at the Education show last month. Unit very obviously pre prototype with slowish menu and dodgy fixings, but bear in mind everyone having a go probably flexed it back and forth a bit to see if it would break or not! Most obvious sign of pre-production was the poor response mouse pads.

    Think the biggest headache will be people picking it up by the keyboard (possibly no better than the twenty year old rubber spectrum ones) and having it fall out of their hand as they are not expecting all the gubbins and therefore weight to be in the screen/lid. All promo shots and the info ont he cute little rubber wristband USB things they gave us DID NOT show the weak fold out plastic screen prop.

    Spare battery for only £20 is very interesting, even more so if you had a nice little charger which took a couple and they were hot swappable (tricky I know).

    If a couple of niggles had been ironed out at the show, and they were for sale to take away then, I would have bought one on the spot. Would still be the cheapest best option for a wireless web device at the moment. I know there are EE's and other stuff but that magic £100 price point is very tempting, just don;t expect to be running photoshop!

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