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Hardware Thread, As a school student, can I buy VAT free? in Technical; I was looking at buying an eee from RM, and they say I can buy without VAT, as I am ...
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    As a school student, can I buy VAT free?

    I was looking at buying an eee from RM, and they say I can buy without VAT, as I am a school student. Is there any other sellers that will let me do this?

    thanks, Chris!

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    Highly unlikely - it's not the reseller that gives the VAT break, it's Revenue & Customs.

    Now, RM may have chosen to sell you an item, taking 17.5% off the RRP to give it to you effectively VAT free, but by the letter of tax law, it's not truly VAT free. They're taking a profit hit by doing that, so it's unlikely other retailers do.

    Surprised as well, was under the impression RM only sold to students via The Basement for software, not hardware...

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    I know apple will take around 10% Educational discount off any item purchased on apple store website or shops.

    I wonder if you will be able to claim the VAT back yourself?

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    @ChrisMcf - Whoever told you that is incorrect. You're a student, not a school so you will have to pay VAT.

    Schools are exempt from paying VAT. The only other exception is if you're a VAT registered company. Anything your company pays VAT on you can reclaim back from the Government. Of course, any invoices your company issues must charge VAT, which you collect on behalf of the Government.

    As FN-Greatermanchester mentioned, RM (like some companies) may have a discount scheme for students (which is perfectly legal), however you still pay VAT on this. The retailer is essentially giving you 10% free.

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