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Hardware Thread, Hardware Recommendations for School Server in Technical; Originally Posted by torledo is that 24TB of internal storage ? the only server that i've come across in a ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by torledo View Post
    is that 24TB of internal storage ?

    the only server that i've come across in a similar form factor that can accomodate that sort of storage is Sun's 'thumper' which is actually more of a JBOD storage solution rather than a server....

    and the thumper weighs a ton, it needs a specialised rack and special supports for installation on raised floor environments.

    you're 15k server with it's two RAID cards is a pretty cheap disk based backup and archive appliance if you ask me ? ;-)
    well first of all. the system is built into a standard rackmount case.

    i love this case to the MAX! it is then fitted with a 1TB HDD per a caddy in the 24 hot swap. all HDD's all connected to Raid, and we usualy just install the OS on a 500GB sata HDD connected to the M/B with no raid or nothing...

    slim line CD rom/DVDRW/etc..

    a zippy 3 module redundent power supply so 2 running the system, 1 ready to switch in if either goes down(hopping both don't go down at the same time :P

    usualy fitted with a supermicro or tyan board.. really loving tyan ATM. although they released a board that had a caddy fitted to it, that you connect loads of sticks of ram to, because it took like 12 per a caddy(a caddy per a CPU socket) there wasn't enough room on the M/B so they built this caddy, that you fit the ram into, then it slides into a slot that looks like the same connection as a PCI X.. a VERY VERY unstable motherboard, allot of hardware errors due to the bottle neck in forcing 24GB of rams data through this PCI X connector(it was the connector used for PCI express, not actully PCI Express! don't get them mixed up..)

    it was a nice system. these 5U cases, and the 1U cases are my fav!!

    and yeh. this was pretty heavy aswell! but will fit into a standard rack. as long as its screwed down and not some mobile one!
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