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Hardware Thread, Configuring APC UPS software with NIC card in Technical; I have gone into a school whose network manager is off sick. He has just purchased a APC 3000 UPS ...
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    Configuring APC UPS software with NIC card

    I have gone into a school whose network manager is off sick. He has just purchased a APC 3000 UPS which has the NIC card built in. It looks like the one server has the software installed and it does show the IP address;'s of the other servers.

    Last night there was a power outage and the only server that shut down correctly was this one all The others just died.

    I think there needs to be a piece of software on each server but i dint know the first thing about it.

    Can anyone advise?

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    That could well be Powerchute network shutdowns infamous "Power off the ups" default setting when the first server shuts down. Such a stupid default for network ups software.

    try http://localhost:3052 to see if it's running PCNS.

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    I don't know about the 3000 I have the 1500 models

    The only way I could share the UPS between servers was by using apcupsd
    This was recommended by many techies on another forum I can't remember.


    Stick it on all your servers.
    A bit fiddly to set up but its a useful piece of software. Better than powerchute in my humbliest of opinions.

    Good Luck

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    @Kyle: It sounds like some bright spark installed the software (PCNS) on all the servers and connected them to the UPS but then uninstalled the PCNS server from the servers

    Since you will not know the relevant passwords, I would reset the UPS to factory defaults and set up the PCNS stuff from scratch - if you cannot find the installation disc it is available from the APC website.

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