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    Label Printer

    We're looking for a dedicated printer that can be used for printing labels for envelopes. Our general office staff have developed an annoying habit of putting crinkled envelopes though the printer and insist on putting laser printer labels through the printer several times even though you're only supposed to use them once. The envelopes/labels combined with the glue seem to jam inside the printer, wrap themselves around the rollers/drums and jigger the thing irreparably

    If I had my way I'd make them hand-write all of their letters, after breaking several printers as a result of their stupidity, but can anyone recommend a label printer for this task as I've a feeling management probably wont go with the above suggestion!
    Ideally it should be networkable but failing that a USB one that has signed drivers so it can be moved from PC to PC would also be OK. I've had a look at some from Dymo that cost around £70.

    Any recommendations?


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    I've recently brought a brother ql-500. It shows up as a normal printer so I guess it should be at least vagely networkable. The software is good and there is also an addon for MS word to print the highlighted text as a label. Good linux support: http://etc.nkadesign.com/Printers/QL550LabelPrinter

    It will also accept PDFs of the correct size sent to it.

    I'd reccomend getting the QL-550 which has an automatic cutter, mine has a manual

    I got mine from ebay for about £50.


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    I like the Dymo ones, got a few of them and they are brilliant things for the job and not badly priced either, but they are all very similar machines TBH, so I would look at consumerable costs EG Lables and work from there.

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