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Hardware Thread, Quick PSU question in Technical; Just messing about with a spare PC to use as a test box and needed to put a SATA hard ...
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    Quick PSU question

    Just messing about with a spare PC to use as a test box and needed to put a SATA hard disk in so changed the PSU for one that has SATA power connectors.

    The new PSU also has the extra 4 pin part that fits next to the main power connector, which is present on this motherboard, but was not connected with the old PSU. Do I need to use this? There is also the additional P4 4 pin power cable present both on the PSU and motherboard. So do I need both? or just 1? What do the extra 4 pins on the main connector actually do?

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    edit: re-read post... I shall refrain from teaching grandma to suck eggs... *doh!*.

    To answer the question properly... if it worked before it should work again but if you have the correct cable for it I'd use it... Can't hurt right?

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    You will need to use the 4 Pin P4 power connector, without this the board will likley not post. As for the 21-24 pins of the ATX power connector you do not need to use this (it will probably become a requirement on future boards as did the P4 4 Pin connector) but as you have the connection availble on the new PSU I would connect it anyway.

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