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Hardware Thread, Any reason we can't use an external hard drive for back up? in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpycroft View Post
    All good info here, thanks for your help everyone. I think we're going to go for it as elsiegee40 says the tapes need to be replaced regularly and I think the cost of a decent hard drive these days is less than the cost of a backup tape. We'll be doing a new full backup every day of the week with a monthly, 6 monthly etc one done regularly too which'll get put in the safe. One of them is always off site as well with the other technician here who takes them home.

    Even if half of them break every 12 months, it's still only £250 or so a year. Compared to a £1000 backup drive and 10 x £100 or so tapes every few years (which we will always be struggling to find a decent size to accomodate us to be honest). I figure if we get 10 x 500gb drives or so now, then in a couple of years get 10 x 2tb ones they'll probably be the same price as the 500gb ones are now... though I don't think we'll be filling 2tb in one backup!

    Thanks again everyone. This site is the most useful resource I have ever had to hand as a technician in schools. Wish I'd found it years ago!
    Individual LTO-3 tapes for instance don't cost anywhere near £100.......don't just pluck figures out of the air.


    Plus as a school you wouldn't pay VAT on that, so that's less than £30.

    Compare that to an average usb drive such as the WD on the same site, with 160GB capacity;


    So as I said, tape media on the whole is cheaper per gigabyte. As for the replacing of tapes 'regularly' well let's define what 'regularly' means. I would say you replace backup tapes periodically not regularly. It's not a monthly or even a quartely cycle to replace tapes. I think you're biggest problem is the cost of multiple internal tape drives or a single expensive(ish) tape loader....not the cost of the media and replacement tapes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by torledo View Post
    Plus as a school you wouldn't pay VAT on that,

    Wish that were the case - rules aren't the same for Private Schools - we have to pay VAT and can't reclaim it I had a long discussion with our Bursar about this a couple of weeks ago

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