I have a number of K550 compatible printheads that have no fault other than they managed to suck in air over the course of about a month or so due to a problem with a CIS setup.

Problem I have is that these printheads are fully enclosed as one unit and a colleague has suggested at setup with a vaccum pump with an attachment over the printhead that sucks the air out while ink is pulled in.

The difficulty I have is in making 2 things.

1. A adaptor to go over the printhead end (I'm guessing some carefully cut silicon with a duct arrangement all sealed up would do)

2. An adaptor that I could attach to the inputs on the printhead to feed the ink. The problem here is that these are the equivalent of injection needles that have holes in the side of the needle and not in the end so a normal tube does not suffice.

I'll post up some photos to give a clearer indication of what I'm after here but right now that's somewhat hampered by my other half hiding the charging unit for the camera