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    Short Throw Projectors

    Afternoon all,

    Has anyone got one of Hitachi’s CP-A100/ED-A100/ED-A110 Ultra Short Throw projectors installed anywhere. We are looking to install some projectors in a new building and we need to make the projector installs as neat as possible. I have plenty of experience with the standard sanyo cieling mount models but I would just like some informed opinon on what these are like to install/use on a daily basis..



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    Thought I might bump this question. I asked something similar a few months back but we all went off on a random tangent.
    As it's all very new, I thought people might now have some experience to offer. Either this projector, or any other projector.

    I’m particularly interested if these projectors cope better in conditions where there is high levels ambient light. Now, this is more of a physics question really. The sales man says “oh yes, because the projector is closer to the board – light coming through the windows won’t affect it so much”. Now that sounds like bad-science to me! Surely, there is the same ‘amount of light’ being spread on the same area? The light from the windows doesn’t ‘knock’ the projector’s light out of the way. Does it?

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    Not quite the way you describe, but yes. The closer to the board, the brighter the image, possibly at an inverse square ratio, but I'm not 100% when dealing with a system with lenses... ("A" level physics was a very long time ago!)


    Sorry that is as clear as mud isn't it? The inverse square is applicable as you move away from the screen. Double the distance, and you quarter the level of light on the screen, rather than half.
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    We have just had one installed to see how it copes with the classroom as in the afternoon the classroom it is based in the old projector display got washed out almost completely.

    Since having this one in it has not been an issue, but then again we ain't had any sunshine either.

    But on the whole a pretty good projector.

    Sound is the best i have heard from a projector speaker too.

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