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Hardware Thread, Noisey *new* WD hard drive... in Technical; Originally Posted by Joanne I really should replace the 40GB drive I have at home... then again I would have ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joanne View Post
    I really should replace the 40GB drive I have at home... then again I would have to install everything again....
    Why not just ghost to a new drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksheep View Post
    Nice grommets here:


    (Hope I am allowed to post site links here )
    Cheers, just poped out and got some. Hopefully it will cure it but i have the feeling it wont.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMcCoy View Post
    I see the raptor as an overpriced marketing exercise though, there are plenty of other disks rated at 1.2m hours mtbf with higher densities that get similar performance. The raptor is just expensive because it can be, not because it is somehow a better class of drive.
    Well I'll let you know if mine fails before the end of the century.

    Over priced? Maybe, then so are server discs. They are also 10000k with 16megs cache. Though they do have lower data density than the more modern drives. If one fails on me then its not worth the money, but before I bought them I had a series of drive failures that annoyed me no end. I think 5 disks blown in less than 5 years.

    I also use a 75 gig one in one of the servers here at work, for ghost images, intranet, wsus and the proxy. Its connected to a 8 year old mobo via a very good quality sata card. This drive is abused to a very high level and is very very quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by contink View Post
    Why not just ghost to a new drive?
    I'll prolly whap the new one in as a second hdd... i shouldn't moan, it only has vista and office and some messenger apps :P hehehe....

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    If you are after long term reliability then you could go for Seagate ES drives which are made for server type use and are a lot more reliable. Personally I don't trust Maxtor, we got in a lot of ten computers with Maxtor drives. Within six months eight had failed hard drives.

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