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Hardware Thread, Wireless Problem in Technical; Ok, we have about 30 laptops which are all wireless. We have an access point per 2 classrooms (we are ...
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    Wireless Problem

    Ok, we have about 30 laptops which are all wireless. We have an access point per 2 classrooms (we are all based on 1 floor). When a class wishes to use all the laptops the speed is rubbish.

    We have looked at solutions and it appears that an access point in all the classrooms, a managed switch and n speed wireless networking.

    Does this seem to be a good idea? Does anyone know of any access points with a LAN (not WLAN) speed of 1 gbit? This would be useful because the problem does seem to concern the cabling as well as the points.

    Also the rule of 15 to 1 doesn't work here. We have about 4 connected and the speed becomes unuseable!!

    My location is: Luton
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    Managed wireless is the only way to go... you need load balancing and clever bandwidth sharing.

    Put your location in your user details and someone from nearby will probably show you their gear... if you are in Lancashire you can see my BlueSocket.

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    we have 3 AP per classroom, and only allow 10 laptops per AP. never had any problems with it

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