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Hardware Thread, Dell 2850 Perc4E Disk Light in Technical; Hi Guys, I have a Dell PowerEdge 2850 with a Perc4e controller running 2 disk arrays (RAID1 and RAI5). This ...
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    Dell 2850 Perc4E Disk Light

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Dell PowerEdge 2850 with a Perc4e controller running 2 disk arrays (RAID1 and RAI5). This morning one of the disks attached to the RAID1 array was flashing green then orange (2 lights for each drive, top light being a solid green and the bottom flashing green and orange).

    OpenManage shows that Array Disk 0:1 is Degraded which wasn't really an issue at all and can be simply fixed. However, after powering down the server and booting into the raid configuration for the Perc4E controller all disks show as on-line without any errors which caused some slight confusion.

    Could this be a predicted failure?



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    I had the same on my dell server after a reboot it stoped flashing with the errors.

    I changed the drive that was a bit flakey. no trouble since.

    something is on its way out

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    flash green then orange is iirc a disk which is a "predicted failure" (well in the newer poweredge kit i wouldnt have thought they would have changed that"
    openmanage on the server should show a disk if its a predicted failure but still run.

    i have found that if you power down the server to check the config/health it might seem ok but you may get errors as the drive heats up and is used.
    only real way to know if a drive is faulty would be to read the smart info off the specific drive

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