Evening all,

We have been quite happily running 2 separate Dell R710 single proc, 48GB RAM hosts connected to a PS Equallogic unit, 6110, 24TB RAW. This has been fine and runs well, until we have to update one of the hosts, then downtime has to be arranged, and as happened this afternoon, it took ages for one to update the HIT kit, so downtime went from half an hour to an hour.

So I think the time has come to cluster, so we can live migrate all the virtuals to one host while we do updates, and then the other way around to update the other.

So extra proc per server and whack them up to 96GB of RAM and that the host sorted, but the SAN is a different kettle of fish:

We currently run each VM in its own volume, which I don't think is any good for live migration(we run SCVMM 2012R2) or is it?

So best practices please, do I put all the VM's back onto local storage, then blitz the SAN to one big CSV or do I create a small CSV and grow it as I add each VM to it? or stay as I am and give both hosts access to each volume, and let the cluster do its thing?

What is the best way of tackling this, I can't be the first to want to move from volume based to shared VM's?

Any help appreciated,