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    Backup disk box for D2D2T - what spec do we need?

    As part of our virtualisation project, we'd be looking to adopt a D2D2T setup however typically what spec would the server need to be to store the backups on? The advice at the moment is to go with a server that has 2x Xeon E5-2440 CPUs with 32GB RAM, for essentially what is a server to store our backups. At a cost exceeding £3k (although including controllers to connect to a storage library and 5yrs warranty) is this typically what you'd expect to be paying, or indeed is the spec suitable/reasonable for what it is and not overkill?
    Similarly, would you normally look to take an ongoing yearly support contract just for the disk backup server?

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    CPU and memory spec is relatively unimportant. What you've got there will more than suffice.

    What you need is storage space and lots of it. I've just ordered a server with ~40TB of raw disk storage for this purpose. I'm hoping that should keep us going for a while!

    Definitely keep the support ongoing! A backup server may be relatively unimportant in the day to day running of the network but when you need it, you really need it.

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