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Hardware Thread, Anti-Glare Computer Screen in Technical; had a request from a member of staff for Anti-Glare Computer Screen as they keep getting headaches any one recommend ...
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    Anti-Glare Computer Screen

    had a request from a member of staff for Anti-Glare Computer Screen as they keep getting headaches

    any one recommend any thing decent for this?

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    There are plenty of companies that sell clip-on Anti-glare filters for monitors. That might do the job.

    Also worth looking into low blue light monitors. Blue-light can be a cause of head-aches, fatigue, sleep problems and if one study is to be believed it makes you eat more as well! Interesting stuff. I was given the heads up by my optician.

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    Occupational health should be able to give you the recommended products it's not really for you to go out and find them something.


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    Have they had a workstation review? My understanding was that modern displays didn't need those old anti-glare covers as they were built in. The issue could be if someone is setup directly next to window without blinds, doesn't have a properly adjusted screen or is directly under a bright fluorescent fixture.

    Of course, being mean, they could just be moaning for something to moan about.

    EDIT: Of course there is the possibility they need an eye test or not taking required breaks. I find I pick up a headache if I am engrossed in something for long periods and forget to take a break and blink less.
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