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Hardware Thread, Activboard Touch... Any good? in Technical; Hey all We are looking at getting some new Promethean boards in the coming months and a lot of the ...
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    Activboard Touch... Any good?

    Hey all

    We are looking at getting some new Promethean boards in the coming months and a lot of the companies I deal with are telling me that both SMART and Promethean seem to have turned the corner and are now pushing the touch screens over the old school projector/whiteboard combo.

    I've seen a lot of the marketing bumpf for the Promethean Activboard Touch panels and I just wondered if anyone had had any personal experience with them? If so what do you think of them?

    For our budget range we'd probably be looking at the 65" model and I'm a bit concerned it will appear 'to small' when compared to the 78" whiteboards we've already got? The sales people are telling me that they would be fine and are HD crystal clear etc etc but then they would say that!

    In an idea world it would be great to see them, I wonder if any other IT Techs based round Manchester already using these boards would mind a 5 minute visit from myself to have a look? (I would bring biscuits of course!).



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    In terms of size, you won't notice. The image on a touch panel is so clear it gives a much better image than projector.

    Talk to your Promethean reseller - they should be able to get you a demo unit.

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    Hi Neal,

    We installed 100 x 50" Panels for high school the summer before last and a year later we swapped them all out for Smartboards. The teachers said they were too small for the classrooms and caused a very poor Ofsted report.

    To give you an idea I would personally recommend an ActivBoard Touch 78" IWB, Ceiling mounted Epson EBX-20 (3 Year warranty on both hardware and lamp) Techconnect wallspeakers and amp all supplied and fitted for around £1,850.00 from most AV companies.

    I'd imagine you would be looking at £3000+ for the interactive panels.

    It is also worth noting that from experience the built in speakers at not generally adequate for large classrooms so additional speakers would be a benefit.
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