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Hardware Thread, Switch Manufactures Preference in Technical; Originally Posted by jtotheb Yeah, I love the 3750 switches. Matching up mixed stack software revisions was fun the first ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtotheb View Post
    Yeah, I love the 3750 switches. Matching up mixed stack software revisions was fun the first time, but the ability to make a stack with a brand new 3750X and a more mature 3750G is very handy. However, CNA is pure evil
    I don't use it. Really clunky and slow. If working with someone with a complex network I might use it as a visual seeing how the switches connect together. The good thing with the 3750 you have stuff like stackable power, dual PSU and the ability to stack upto 9 switches. Plus you don't need to purchase additional expensive stacking modules like you do with the 2960's. When you get all the extras for the 2960's like stacking modules more SFP's uplinks etc the cost between those and the 3750 isn't much.

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    HP ProCurve here, excellent kit and been faultless, no issues in 3 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeyd101 View Post
    So i'd like to get some opinions on what manufacture is preferred to go with for switches? What equipment you have/would consider and likes/dislikes/issues?
    We bought a new network's worth of switches last year. The feature that I particularly wanted was the ability to do software defined networking via OpenFlow. HP's switches turned out to be the best value, after looking at several other manufacturers as well. Theoretically, you can buy cheaper generic switches now that you then build a network on top of with SDN / OpenFlow, as Google / Amazon / Facebook / etc do, although in practice, at the consumer / small business end of things, an HP switch is going to cost about the same - the large savings are for if you're buying a datacenter's worth.

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    All Procurve here no problems apart from multiple powercuts in a row caused the fans on our main switch to stop working properly, HP sent out a replacement fan unit next day..can't fault them

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    HP Procurve, still have some 2524's running in the edge without any issues and silly uptime i expect.

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    Thanks for all the input guys, its help alot.

    I'm sure which ever is picked HP or Extreme we will be ok with, I'm hoping HP then we only have one manufacture for all our equipment and may also bring added value to us as if we have a certain annual spend we may qualify for on-site warranty work.

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