My daughters birthday is coming up in September and since we got her brother an Android tablet for his birthday gave her the option of either a tablet or laptop. She said laptop.
As she is going to be 10 and is very creative we are looking at what would be most suited to here needs and think one of the new Atom based Windows 8 2 in 1 tablets would fit the bill as she can carry it arond easily enough and detach the screen if need be and use as a tablet.
My only concern is the graphical capabilities, or to be blunt 'Will it play Minecraft'?
I know thay utlise the Intel HD graphics chip which is quite fine for games that are not as graphically intensive as some, but given the often cut down nature of tablet components need to make sure it can handle them.
If anyone is using one of these and has tried to get games workign your input would be most appreciated