Hi there, I have the following parts (All HP)

3 Fibre Disk Arrays, Fully Populated
2 HSV 110 Controllers
1 HSV 210-b Controllers
2 Fibre Switches
1 Fibre Card for Server
We also have "Software Command View EVA"

I'm struggling to get all this connected together.

Am I right in thinking

I connect the Server to a fibre Switch
How do I connect the Controller ( on the Back I have the following ports FP1 FP2 FP3 FP4, DP1A DP1B, DP2A, DP2B, MP

Am I correct in thinking that MP is mirror port and used to connect two controllers together ?
Also am I correct in thinking that the Disk Arrays are connected to DP1A ?
and do the disk arrays connect together or all to the controller? Do I need one of two controllers? do both controllers have to connect to each disk array?
And so would it be FP1 to Fibre switch?

any help would be great.