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Hardware Thread, Laptop experience in Technical; Echoing what everyone else seems to have said, desktops are way less hassle than teacher laptops. If you do go ...
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    Echoing what everyone else seems to have said, desktops are way less hassle than teacher laptops.

    If you do go down the route of docking stations however, in all the docking stations I have used, Dell ones are the most robust and reliable, followed by HP and Lenovo. The Toshiba ones I used were dreadful for having driver issues and failing constantly.
    Also a flaw on all of them, people like to drop their laptop on them, then press down while trying to find the holes for it to attach to. Usually damaging the port in the process. They are quite robust, but if people are doing that to them 5 times a day, then expect the port in the laptop and the port on the docking station to be wrecked within the year.

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    We had docks and laptops for the last four years. ICT suites had a fixed desktop and certain other rooms.

    It worked pretty well although some of the teachers complained about having to carry it to and from their car and from classroom to classroom. All encrypted with bitlocker. Maybe got one a month with a fault, usually sorted out under the warranty. More than three lots of damage meant the teacher would have to pay up for additional fixes. 3 times was the most it ever went to - they could be careful with it if they wanted to be.
    Had roughly one or two docks fail a year. Went through about 40-50 replacement chargers over the last four years.

    Moving to desktop in every classroom and a tablet (surface pro or ipad air) for every teacher over the summer. They've started complaining about not having laptops now.

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    there are a lot of port replicators which work over one USB cable nowadays so you don't have to worry about a full refresh and only make sure drivers are supported. Kingston ones are ok and know the Toshiba ones are nice (is you can tolerate Toshiba support)

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