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Hardware Thread, Netgear WAGL102 in Technical; I know there old kit and we have a few of these dotted around our site (30 APs) Dose any ...
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    Netgear WAGL102

    I know there old kit and we have a few of these dotted around our site (30 APs)

    Dose any supplier still have these in stock? Our normal supplier hasnt got any. Just thought i ask on here before we think of our next plan...


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    Hi newpersn,

    How many do you need? We have three going spare from an old implementation (we use HP APs now) and could send them to you for the cost of shipping? They have been cluttering up our server room for over a year now and we could do with the space! We also have some old netgear switches, if you need any more let me know and I can send you the model numbers.


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